Suzanne Rae: Garage-Band Glamour in Lace, Silk and Wool

May 25, 2012 12:00 AM

Suzanne Rae: Garage-Band Glamour in Lace, Silk and Wool

" When we visited her studio last month, instead of the usual pre-fashion week freakouts in nose-to-the-grind pressure factories buzzing with harried workers, designer Suzanne Pelaez and her friends were hanging out. Working, sure, but working together -- and the same familial atmosphere descended upon the fall 2011 presentation of Suzanne Rae at the Stanley Kaplan Penthouse at Julliard, across from the main Lincoln Center fashion week venue.

The designer was among the first to greet us with a big hug, before the show started with a short film by Alexandra Roxo. Local glam rock band Mother Feather took the stage as the extensive collection was revealed.

At the heart of the line is layered ease, with menswear-inspired trousers reminiscent of Depression-era workers and high-waisted, pin-thin pants paired cropped tops and a sharply-chic pleated herringbone pair on the bottom "

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