You Can't Keep These Mets Down

May 9, 2012 12:00 AM

You Can't Keep These Mets Down

" For years, trips to Philadelphia have been unhappy moments for the Mets.

Games have been lost by lopsided scores, late comebacks and brutal mistakes by Mets players that turned victory into bitter defeat. All of those losses served to underscore the different circumstances of the Mets and the Phillies while also extending the gap between the two teams.

No one expected 2012 to be much different in regard to either the gap or the circumstances, but expectations have been dashed over the first month of the season. The Phillies are struggling to win games with a depleted lineup and the Mets are finding ways to wind up with unlikely victories.

The one similarity to past years is that games between the Phillies and Mets are useful illustrations of the larger narrative of the season. The Mets came back for a second straight win in Philly on Tuesday night, a win which guaranteed them a second series win in Philadelphia this season.

Monday night's Jorday Valdespin home run was a kick in the groin loss for the Phillies, but Tuesday night was of the dripping faucet that slowly drives you insane variety "

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