Yankees Return to Winning and Joba Returns to Baseball

August 2, 2012 12:00 AM

Yankees Return to Winning and Joba Returns to Baseball

" It was the perfect game for Joba Chamberlain to make his return to the Yankees.

Chamberlain last appeared in a Yankees game on July 5, 2011 before heading off to have Tommy John surgery on his right elbow, an injury that was expected to keep him out into this season. His wait got even longer after surgery to repair an ankle injury suffered while playing with his son on a trampoline.

He made it back, though, and he got the call to start the seventh inning with the Yankees leading 11-1. Chamberlain didn't pitch particularly well -- two runs in 1.2 innings that revealed very little sharpness on his pitches, although his velocity was good -- but the fact that he was back was triumph enough for the first day.

The team is clearly viewing Chamberlain as a pseudo trade deadline acquisition for the bullpen, an arm that can help them down the stretch and didn't cost a thing to acquire. Chamberlain will have to be better for that to come to fruition, but he certainly isn't any worse than Chad Qualls, the man he replaced in the bullpen "

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