Yankees Low on Style, But They Still Win

August 6, 2012 12:00 AM

Yankees Low on Style, But They Still Win

" Humidity does not tend to bring out the best in outdoor endeavors and Sunday's Yankees-Mariners game was no exception.

The feet of the players seemed to be as heavy as the air most of the afternoon, leading to miscues in the field, unexceptional play on the bases and an overwhelming sense that everyone would have been happy if the sky opened with a thunderstorm.

To no surprise, the difficult circumstances agreed with the Yankees and their 6-2 win reinforced one of this season's central themes.

Throw up an obstacle and the Yankees will find a way around it so that they can keep winning on their way to a playoff berth. Injuries have been the most common obstacle and almost every key part of Sunday's win came as a result of players filling in for missing teammates.

Freddy Garcia, whose rotation spot relies on injuries to other pitchers, got through five innings with just two runs allowed, shocking since he threw strikes with the same frequency that lions in the Serengeti let a wounded zebra wander by uneaten "

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