Whatever the Problems, Yankees Keep On Trucking

July 9, 2012 12:00 AM

Whatever the Problems, Yankees Keep On Trucking

" Certain Yankee fans and observers always seize on the negative when it comes to the team's performance.

Winning eight of nine games might satisfy some souls, but those doomsayers see the loss as the only thing that matters and make it the centerpiece of their thoughts about the team. This year's team has given that group plenty of fodder, right up to Sunday night's 7-3 win in Boston.

There's been the season-long issue of hitting with runners in scoring position, something that didn't get any better against the Red Sox. They were 3-for-14 in those situations on Sunday night, something that kept a comfortable victory from turning into a rout and made a four-hour game a lot less enjoyable to watch.

For the glass is half full crowd, the team's inability to hit in those situations matters much more than the fact that they are hitting home runs by the bushel. They hit eight of them at Fenway, a big factor in why the Yankees won three of the four games this weekend even as they missed plenty of other scoring opportunities.

Complaints about the Yankees don't stop there "

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