5 Ways to a Knicks Win Tonight

May 3, 2012 12:00 AM

5 Ways to a Knicks Win Tonight

" Times are bleak for the Knicks.

They are down two games to the Heat and they'll take the court without three-and-a-half of their best players (Jared Jeffries is the half) in a game that probably represents their last best chance to extend this series past Sunday.

As much as you might like to think that the team could punch back with their backs against the wall in Game Four, the chances of it happening are awfully low.

So this is their spot, their chance to push all the bad feelings of the first two games out of the way and make at least one more happy memory to savor when this year comes to an end. Can they actually do that? 

Frankly, the odds aren't good. But there are still reasons to think that things can go the Knicks' way on Thursday night.

One of them is the opportunity to avoid a 13th-straight playoff loss, which would set an NBA record. Here's five more of them, starting with the fact that they'll be playing at home, sweet home.

1 "

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