The Trivial Continues to Rule at Jets Camp

August 7, 2012 12:00 AM

The Trivial Continues to Rule at Jets Camp

" Fights happen at NFL training camps.

The Jets had one of them on Monday and a few on Tuesday that led Rex Ryan to halt practice and make the team run sprints. That point can be forgotten when you read some of the "Won't somebody think of the children" hysteria in coverage of the Jets on Tuesday, but fights are a natural outgrowth of large men fighting for jobs while playing a violent sport.

There were plenty of fights in practice during Ryan's first three seasons, but no one seemed to think it was a sign of the circus coming to town. They were shrugged off, just as every other team gets to shrug them off and everyone moved on without wondering if there was a need for three rings and a tent.

Such nonchalance is not allowed for these Jets. They earned a dysfunctional image last season and now everything gets viewed through that filter.

That's not to say that there aren't problems with the team fighting every day. The problem is that they were told to stop by Ryan and Mark Sanchez on Monday and that they appear to have totally ignored both men "

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