The Basketball Arms Race Is On

July 12, 2012 12:00 AM

The Basketball Arms Race Is On

" There are two kinds of sports rivalries, the real ones and the one-sided ones.

You know all of the real ones -- Yankees/Red Sox, Ravens/Steelers, Auburn/Alabama -- because they are largely inescapable thanks to the hype machine that always puts their games in prime position.

The other ones are more interesting, though, because they feature one team that thinks they are in a rivalry and one team that is blissfully ignorant of such a state of affairs.

Michigan State has that with Michigan, the Devils had one for a long time with the Rangers and the Nets have always had one with the Knicks. The Nets talked about challenging for the top spot in the area, but they never threatened the Knicks' superiority even when they were a much better team going to to the NBA Finals.

They talked a lot about the move to Brooklyn leveling the playing field, but it felt like nothing but more hot air from an owner who promised to win a title and then signed Jordan Farmar and Travis Outlaw to facilitate that quest "

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