Steve Nash Opts for the Lakers Over the Knicks

July 5, 2012 12:00 AM

Steve Nash Opts for the Lakers Over the Knicks

" It was a particularly tough Independence Day  for Knicks fans who spent the day rationalizing and bemoaning a trade of Iman Shumpert to secure the rights to two-time MVP point guard Steve Nash.

A sign-and-trade was the only possibility to bring Nash to New York and including Shumpert, whose defense made him a Garden favorite as a rookie before he tore his ACL, was probably the only way to get it done.

All of that thought and worry went for naught, though. Nash is heading to the Lakers, a fascinating acquisition for a team built around Kobe Bryant, who has never played alongside a real point guard.

Watching that play out will be endlessly interesting, but the success or failure of the move won't do much for the Knicks. They now need to move on without a potentially game-changing acquisition.

The first order of business should be to deal with the news of Nash's decision honestly "

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