5 Non-Eli Issues to Clear Up During Bye Week

November 14, 2012 6:23 AM

5 Non-Eli Issues to Clear Up During Bye Week

" We've officially reached the point of ridiculousness when it comes to Eli Manning's recent slump.

The "Is Eli Elite?" debate has gotten ginned up again, as if there were some semantic signifier that actually impacted his level of play instead of just being fodder for the lowest level of talk radio. At least it gave Dan Fouts a chance to break out the loathsome "You can't spell elite without Eli" line that we hoped had been retired permanently. 

Manning has won two Super Bowls and he won six of the team's first eight games this season, leading exactly no one to openly question whether or not he's an elite player even when he played poorly. It was just two weeks ago when people felt comfortable claiming he was the best quarterback/player in the entire league. 

If there's a good thing about the Eli discussion moving away from what's actually gone wrong in the last month and toward things that simply don't matter, it might be that anyone with a brain will be led to consider other problems with the Giants that could use some attention during the bye week "

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