Mythbusters: Yankees Home Run Edition

June 25, 2012 12:00 AM

Mythbusters: Yankees Home Run Edition

" The argument against the offseason decision to alter the fences at Citi Field to bring more home runs was provided in living color over the last three days.

The argument against the move was that home runs are about the team playing the games, not the stadium they call home. Citi Field is in the middle of the pack in terms of home runs, but the Mets rank 26th in all of baseball. 

That should be enough evidence, but the Yankees hitting seven home runs in the three games this weekend really drives the point home. Teams that have good power hitters hit home runs regardless of where they play and teams that don't could play in a studio apartment without putting up impressive homer numbers.

So much for Terry Collins' warnings of certain doom for the Yankees at Citi Field. When you hit the ball as far as Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez did this weekend, ballparks don't matter.

Perceptions do matter, though, and that's why we're hearing a repeat of last season's complaints that the Yankees hit too many home runs "

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