Mets Go Quietly Into the Break

July 9, 2012 12:00 AM

Mets Go Quietly Into the Break

" The Mets weren't supposed to start the All-Star break until after Sunday afternoon's game with the Cubs, but they wound up getting an eight-and-a-half inning head start.

Chicago posted four runs against Jon Niese in the first inning, a rough start that Niese recovered from but one that the Mets lineup took as an excuse for a day off. Ryan Dempster is a good pitcher, but the Mets swung and missed with so little conscience that it looked like they had one eye on the departure time of a flight from LaGuardia.

Anyone who has ever sat in a classroom waiting for the bell that brings a week without school knows how hard it is to can be to work while vacation looms. The Mets hacked and slashed at just about every pitch, which at least meant that their 7-0 loss didn't drag on.

It was strange to see the Mets that way. Terry Collins' team has made its bones this season by fighting and scrapping its way to every positive result they've earned, but they basically rolled over and quit on Sunday once Niese put them in a deep hole "

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