Matt Harvey Comes to Earth

August 6, 2012 12:00 AM

Matt Harvey Comes to Earth

" The fact that Matt Harvey was bound to have a bad day at the office doesn't make it any more fun to watch him get smacked around by a Padres lineup that's less offensive than any joke Jeffrey Ross told at Roseanne's roast.

Since Harvey is about the only reason to keep smiling in this Mets season, a day when he doesn't perform well is going to feel extra painful. We're here to tell you that it wasn't all bad, though.

As Kevin Kernan of the Post perfectly put it in his column Monday, Harvey can now officially be considered a Met because he's taken one on the chin. Since it has to happen sometime, it might as well happen after two strong showings in a season going nowhere fast.

More seriously, though, you can find things to like about the way Harvey pitched in the 7-3 loss. His command was not good and his secondary pitches weren't doing anything special, but Harvey still managed to wiggle his way out of trouble as often as he let the trouble get the best of him "

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