Martin Brodeur's Curious Suggestion

May 16, 2012 12:00 AM

Martin Brodeur's Curious Suggestion

" Everyone that has watched the Rangers this season has probably found themselves asking the same question at some point. 

" How much does it hurt to throw yourself in front of a shot like that?

" The Garden's best shot blocker might be Tyson Chandler, but the next 10 are all members of the Rangers. All year they have committed themselves to risking life and limb to stop shots from getting through to Henrik Lundqvist.

They blocked 26 shots in the 3-0 Game One win, five more than the Devils got on net. It isn't surprising, then, to learn that the Devils are desperate to figure out a way to get their shots through for the rest of the series.

Goalie Martin Brodeur shared some thoughts on the topic that the Post thought were spicy enough to put on the back cover of Wednesday's edition.

"They’re hot at blocking shots," Brodeur said "

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