Making the Case for Keeping Best in Olympic Hoops

August 7, 2012 12:00 AM

Making the Case for Keeping Best in Olympic Hoops

" David Stern and others in the NBA have been making noise about changing the face of Olympic basketball when Rio hosts the Games in 2012.

The man who thinks that 18-year-olds are too young for his league has hinted about making the basketball competition limited to players 23 and under, a move that is somehow equally greedy and shortsighted about economy. The greed comes from the desire to hold an NBA-operated World Cup of Basketball that would send money to the league's owners instead of to the International Olympic Committee.

Given how much fuss was just made about Jeremy Lin, we shouldn't need to point out the benefits of international exposure for NBA teams. Not that you need to evoke Lin's name in a league that has grown exponentially since they first introduced the Dream Team to the world in 1992.

There are great benefits to having the best players in the world playing in the Olympic Games, although it is surely too great a leap to suggest that every owner in the NBA is smart enough to find a way to leverage those benefits into more financial success for themselves "

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