Loss Doesn't Make Andy Pettitte's Return a Failure

May 14, 2012 12:00 AM

Loss Doesn't Make Andy Pettitte's Return a Failure

" Sunday's return of Andy Pettitte to the Yankees was a perfect example of the limits of wins and losses to tell the story of a pitcher's day.

Pettitte allowed four runs in 6.1 innings of his first game since October 2010, the kind of pitching line that could be interpreted two ways based on whether there's a W or L next to his name.

If it's a win, then Pettitte gutted out a strong performance in his first game back in the big leagues and never lost his winning touch.

In a loss, though, Pettitte just couldn't do quite enough to get the job done and the two two-run home runs he allowed are a sign that his stuff might just be a little too hittable to work after such a long layoff. But what's the glib shorthand when Pettitte loses because the offense doesn't do a thing?

The Yankees scored both of their runs in a 6-2 loss when Mariners pitchers issued walks with the bases loaded "

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