Knicks Fight to Stay in Again

May 9, 2012 12:00 AM

Knicks Fight to Stay in Again

" You always kinda knew this Knicks season would come down to Mike Bibby. A tale as mad as this would need one last plot twist to make it hit home.

Bibby starts at point guard on Wednesday night in Game Five against the Heat, the result of 70 games of point guard attrition that recalls trench warfare in its wholesale destruction. It has claimed everyone but Bibby and Toney Douglas, whose role seems to be that of shellshocked witness to the carnage who has been left too affected to join the fight.

There was no point in the course of this season when you would have felt comfortable with Bibby as the team's starting point guard, but that just means it makes sense that he's part of the starting lineup for a mission to save this particular season.

The Heat aren't particularly frightened by Bibby, even after he hit two threes during Sunday's win, and even felt that their former teammate needed a reminder about the recent past. 

"Yeah, I know a little bit about Mike," Dwyane Wade said, presumably while laughing inside about stealing Bibby's shoe during Game Five "

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