It's Shaping Up to Be a Quiet Draft Night

June 28, 2012 12:00 AM

It's Shaping Up to Be a Quiet Draft Night

" The Knicks and Nets are both set to do a lot of watching during Thursday night in Newark, N.J., which you'll note no longer has an NBA team, making it the perfect place for the NBA Draft.

The Knicks have the 48th pick and the Nets have the 57th selection, both of which fall well past the point in the draft that you can do anything other than throw a dart and hope it works out for you. 

Both teams lost their picks in trades with an eye on days yet to come. The Knicks shipped their pick to Houston in the Tracy McGrady trade/desperate attempt to clear cap space before the summer of 2010, a move that has paid off in some impressive names on the roster without much in the way of playoff victories.

It's still a better trade than the Nets made. Even though they were locked into another lottery season, they dealt their pick, protected only if they got one of the three picks, to Portland for Gerald Wallace last season "

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