It's Avoid the Trap Weekend for the Knicks

March 23, 2012 12:00 AM

It's Avoid the Trap Weekend for the Knicks

" Wednesday night's 82-79 throwback to the 90s win over the 76ers was a sign of how far the Knicks have come in just five games under Mike Woodson.

The defense has been good all season, but the Knicks have raised things to another level under Woodson. Whether that's because of the new coach's much-ballyhooed accountability or because of the general "we try now that Mike D'Antoni is trimming his mustache somewhere else" isn't clear, but it doesn't much matter.

No longer does an inability to put the ball in the basket send the team into a tailspin that makes it impossible for them to win games. They are willing to keep working, keep defending and keep finding ways to win games even when their best players are struggling to make things happen.

The key now is for the Knicks to show that they can keep the same intensity level over the final 19 games of the season because the hole they dug for themselves is just deep enough that they can't afford to take any game less seriously than they took the game on Wednesday night "

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