Guessing the Yankees Rotation

March 26, 2012 12:00 AM

Guessing the Yankees Rotation

" Joe Girardi still isn't ready to name his starting rotation.

Girardi said this weekend that he plans to take until next week before he selects the five starters he'll use when the regular season gets underway. The only guy that definitely won't be making the cut is Andy Pettitte because he won't be ready to start games until May after being retired for more than a year.

We also know that there's no reason to worry about the fate of CC Sabathia or Hiroki Kuroda. They have already been assured of spots in the rotation, leaving four men to battle for the final three spots.

Track Record - We know this matters because Pettitte wouldn't be here otherwise, but it clearly doesn't tell the whole story. This favors Garcia and Nova over Hughes and Pineda, especially after the way Garcia saved the team in 2011.

Recent History - Another good one for Garcia with Nova's 2011 season providing comfort as well. This is another bad one for Hughes, while weighing Pineda's strong first half as a rookie against his poor second half makes for a difficult equation because he didn't do it for the Yankees "

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