Growing Their Own Works Out Well for Mets

April 27, 2012 12:00 AM

Growing Their Own Works Out Well for Mets

" The locavore thing has really taken off in restaurants around the city in recent years.

People care a great deal about where their food comes from, and that means menus full of references to the farms where the pigs were grown or the arugula was raised. It can be a little tiresome at times, but it is nice to see how seriously some take the idea of building the healthiest meal possible. 

The Mets aren't a restaurant, but they are showing that they like things grown in their backyard. They started a fully homegrown lineup for the first time in 41 years -- all acquired by Omar Minaya, as it happens -- and saw it pull through with a 3-2 comeback win to secure a sweep of the Marlins.

For the second time in the series, the victory came with a lot of help from the Marlins bullpen. Down 2-1 heading into the ninth, the Mets sat back and watched Miami closer Heath Bell -- a high-priced free agent acquisition during the offseason -- melt down with four walks to tie the score "

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