For Yankees, Two Out of Three Is Just Fine

July 16, 2012 12:00 AM

For Yankees, Two Out of Three Is Just Fine

" If you happened to be listening to the radio as the Yankees made their way into the eighth inning, you heard John Sterling take a brief break from self-promotion to note that Joe Girardi chose to stick with Chad Qualls in a game that the Angels led 6-5.

Sterling expressed surprise that Girardi wasn't opting to use David Robertson to keep the score manageable, a much more cogent observation than his usual inability to decipher a home run from a flyout to left field. Qualls allowed three runs in the inning and the Angels were able to hold off a Yankee rally in the ninth for a 10-8 victory.

It would be easy to criticize Girardi for not choosing to go with Robertson in that spot as it seemed like an obvious time to opt for the more effective bullpen choice, but it would be the wrong choice. This was a case of Girardi seeing the forest for the trees, something that hasn't always been his strong spot as Yankee manager "

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