End of Linsanity Another Chapter in Same Old Knicks Story

July 18, 2012 12:00 AM

End of Linsanity Another Chapter in Same Old Knicks Story

" The tabloids can fire all their pun writers because Linsanity is over.

Jeremy Lin is a Rocket and we're left to pick up the pieces of another shattered Knicks dream. It's hard to think of too many sports moments that matched Lin's arrival on the scene when it comes to sheer improbable giddiness. It is even harder to think of a way to rationalize willingly handing it all away.

Sports are about winning, obviously, but professional sports are also about business and entertainment. Lin was good for the last two things and there was enough reason to hope he'd help with the first to roll the dice on spending the admittedly absurd salary he would command in 2014-2015.

For the Knicks to turn their back on Lin after years of throwing bad money after awful and to do it in such a smug way makes you question why you even bothered caring in the first place, although the same could be said of every night the Mets bullpen finds a new way to turn victory into defeat "

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