David Wright Provides the Offense This Time

June 29, 2012 12:00 AM

David Wright Provides the Offense This Time

" Somewhere between Chicago and Los Angeles, most of the Mets' bats lost the magic that helped them put up 17 runs against the Cubs on Wednesday. 

" There weren't runners clogging the bases as they piled up hit after hit, Don Mattingly didn't look like he was considering which Dodgers position player would come in to mop up this mess and Daniel Murphy had gone back to being a 98-pound weakling after Wednesday's Charles Atlas performance.

The only bat that wasn't affected by the changes in latitude belonged to David Wright.

Wright doubled home a run in the first and hit a solo homer in the fourth, picking up his team when they were still looking jet-lagged in the early innings of the game. While you'd obviously like to see a more balanced offensive attack, Wright's role as the team's star means that he's the guy who has to pick them up when everyone else is lost at the plate.

Those two runs from Wright should really have been enough to win the game for the Mets "

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