Burning Questions for Mets in Second Half

July 12, 2012 12:00 AM

Burning Questions for Mets in Second Half

" The biggest question about the Mets' second half of the season doesn't have anything to do with the guys in the uniforms.

It has to do with the fans, who are caught between two emotions as a result of the team's 46-40 start. They are asking themselves right now whether or not to fully invest themselves in this team, knowing quite well that the team reached the halfway point of the last two seasons with winning records and promptly went into the tank.

But you want to buy in, you want to believe that the return of Johan Santana makes this team different, even if their defense and bullpen look a lot like the disappointing ones from the last two seasons. Belief is at the core of being a fan because it would be impossible to care enough to keep showing up every year without it.

When there are good arguments to be made on either side, answers will vary so I won't tell you which way to go. We'll contend with other questions, starting with whether or not the Mets should fully invest themselves "

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