Buck Yeah: Knicks Find a Way in Milwaukee

April 12, 2012 12:00 AM

Buck Yeah: Knicks Find a Way in Milwaukee

" It's fitting that J.R. Smith hit the biggest shot of the night in Milwaukee.

Smith's game is one best watched with a hand over your face and a slight spread of your fingers to glimpse what's unfolding on the court since there's no better way to watch something that mostly terrifies you while also holding onto the chance that it could wind up thrilling you.

His long stretches of inconceivable play are occasionally saved by the kind of play that makes you shake your head in wonder.

That's kinda the way this whole Knicks team plays, come to think of it, so Smith making the biggest play on the biggest night of the season makes sense. They can be so brilliant -- see the opening eight minutes on Wednesday night -- and so hideous -- just about everything until the final eight minutes -- and the only way to figure out which it is to peek out from behind your fingers to see "

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