A Suggestion for Handling Mariano Rivera's Absence

May 8, 2012 12:00 AM

A Suggestion for Handling Mariano Rivera's Absence

" When the Rays made it to the World Series in 2008, they didn't run their bullpen according to the book.

Joe Maddon didn't have hard and fast roles for his relievers during that playoff run, choosing instead to pick the best pitcher for each particular spot. That marked a major deviation from the way bullpens have been run since Dennis Eckersley and others made one-inning saves all the rage in the major leagues.

Joe Girardi should take a page from his Florida rival this season as the team deals with the loss of Mariano Rivera. Instead of simply writing another name into the closer spot, Girardi should be open to handling things on a game-by-game basis.

David Robertson is the obvious choice to step into the closer role by virtue of his performance over the last two years. Robertson has been even more effective than Rivera in that span and his style is definitely conducive to the high-wire act that closers have to play.

Judging by the first non-Rivera weekend, Girardi is going to go with Robertson in the ninth inning "

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