A Few Questions to Ponder About the Knicks

April 13, 2012 12:00 AM

A Few Questions to Ponder About the Knicks

" The Knicks get back to work on Friday night against the Wizards and then welcome the Heat on Sunday afternoon to draw ever closer to the end of this regular season roller coaster ride.

It's not a bad time to take stock of where the Knicks are at present, although it comes with the caveat that every snapshot of the team this season has had the permanance of an Etch-a-Sketch. We'll do it Q&A style to give you some things to ponder while lolling under the sun this weekend.

So, the Knicks are pretty well set after winning in Milwaukee, right? It's a two-game lead with a good chance of getting the tiebreaker, but let's not start counting chickens before they hatch with this Knicks team. The schedule is pretty well split 50/50 between bottom feeders and strong playoff teams so one bad loss could wind up making everyone tighten up again.

Can Carmelo Anthony keep scoring 30 a night? Right now, there's absolutely no reason to think that Anthony's scoring jag is coming to an end "

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