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Ten and a half years ago, a skinny young man, predisposed to put his knitting on the head, helped to popularize a sub-genre of fashion-hop that I did not know we would have liked His mark was Capital t. I., a shorter allusion to his childhood nickname, Hint - because Clifford Harris Jr. was a clue to an old hurdle, as one might say around Bankhead, the Atlanta area in which he was raised. Hint presented us songs to lure. And, unsurprisingly, it has exploded all over the planet. Capital t. I. The next album, Lure Muzik, is actually decisive for the guy. In 2002, testimonials about luring drug dealers had Top Level knit hat in knit-hat revealed that solid striped bass collection was better than that. Some said his operation glorified the worst elements of the hood's life. Others said Capital t. I. Its operation is similar to what you know in film - or what you live in the media: natural, unedited, it seems in the local neighborhoods where we come from, have a family or simply need to learn more . Fifteen, 3 Grammys plus a NAACP Image Merit Later, Capital t. I. has a new record, Dime Lure. Inside, he will respect the songs he knew years ago. Much has occurred over the course of these many years. 7 young people. Union at Tameka InchLittleInch Harris. A label more and more break. Incarceration. Huge and punchy films, from Altlanta Ga and American Mobster to Takers and Insect-Person films. Social activism. BET The Fantastic Hustle. A lot of others. And at 38, Capital t. I. reaches its more unfiltered. He's waiting for you to listen. LeBron James listened to Lure Muzik in his IG Story recently. It's really an honor, an opportunity and a pleasure.

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