said lawyer Daniel Kahn Kahn Associs Cabinet

June 5, 2012 4:52 AM

 said lawyer Daniel Kahn Kahn  Associs Cabinet

Eager to lay the foundations of a French partnership for medium-sized businesses, the Chamber of commerce and industry of Paris (CCIP) organized in June a mission of business leaders in one of the "hearts of the Israeli economy": research in the field of high technologies. When ready. After the crisis of the dot-com bubble began in 2000, the high-tech is again to the West of the Jordan an iron spearhead growth in a somewhat calmer political environment. "The attractiveness of Israel is progressing strongly and is now a Gentile" says a diplomat.

The landscape of the sector has also changed between 2000 and 2003: the crisis resulted in his "cleansing" and rationalization, and showed that the industry could finally stand up in relying on strong products; It has led to a sort of "phase 2" of the high-tech Israeli, less dispersed and more specialized.

Area of excellence by excellence, it provides today the country half of its industrial exports ($ 13 billion in 2004) essentially thanks to about a thousand of small start-up rescued among the 2,000 that existed prior to the crisis in the amounts fields of civil and military electronics, computer security, nanotechnology or biotechnology still. This last area, "which covers in fact nothing less than the food and health, has a huge and long term potential," said Maurice Sportiche, head of the French economic Mission in Tel Aviv.

"At the time when talking about poles of competitiveness and excellence, it sees what it's here and what we would like to have us", enthuses Pierre Simon, President of the CCIP. "In France, it begins to talk here, between groups of people homogeneous and fluid." "Organizations, businesses, public sector and the private sector are still very scattered," he added, highlighting the success Israelis in terms of the link between research and development, as well as transversality and increasing multidisciplinarity of the research.

The Israeli, "serial entrepreneur".

Foot work, the mission of the CCIP has multiplied contacts in three large research of Israel institutions: the University of Tel-Aviv, the Weizmann Institute and the Technion in Haifa. In this small country of 6.5 million people, they evolve in a privileged environment of seven major universities (and some 60 colleges) very internationalised and multicultural.

Israel is more expert in the art of ensuring convergence between University and company, the bridge between science and commercialization, patent protection, and more largely the creation of value for the start-up. All this beautiful world is the active assistance of the State and capilarits opened with the army. By adding public sector and private sector, R & D spending is 4.7 points of GDP a record world and the number of engineers is the highest in the world: 135 for 10,000 employees, twice the United States and five times more than the United Kingdom.

When one adds an entrepreneurial dynamism foolproof, the cocktail is explosive: "it is genetic! The Israeli is often a "serial entrepreneur" and the proportion of start-ups is highest in the world. "And as there is no local market, he thinks 'global' on the first day", explains Philippe independent Roitman, consultant in Tel-Aviv.

The members of the mission, generally interested in the research and business incubator systems, admire the surprising responsiveness of their Israeli interlocutors. "The Israelis communicate much with their partners and are not afraid to play cards on the table in a very transparent approach." Whereas in France, it is very hesitant and reluctant to share his knowledge and to to discover, find Rmi Jonquires, President of Immotec (security). Suddenly, everything is very fast. A contract of partnership may be sealed off in a month. ""Search, is too heavy and long in France." "Here, it is in the direct environment of the start-up," confirmed Nicolas Andr, young CEO of Mist Technologies, specializing in sound. "In France, paradoxically, it is often more very well if partner or competitive research laboratories, now sentenced to be cost-effective and that support for a start-up", he strikes. The secret of the success of Israeli companies A tight "networking". "All are one hour of each other: investors, researchers, universities, the military, lawyers, accountants...". ", said lawyer Daniel Kahn, Kahn & Associs Cabinet.

Atypical patterns

The multiplicity of possibilities for cooperation franco-israliennes is striking, as is quickly evident: if Israel is leader in R & D and constitutes a veritable springboard international, the Israelis "are not very good traders" and has the France of more venture capital. We can imagine today easily mothers houses in France with R & D in Israel services for the European market.

But patterns may be atypical: a partnership agreement has thus to be signed between the Israeli Check Point, world leader in computer security, with the young French start-up Checkphone, specializing in voice security. "On the one hand, this agreement will allow Check Point to offer more complete solutions to its customers, on the other, Checkphone will explode sales," says Armand Aboaf, of Armisa Consulting, who worked on the approximation of the two companies.

Another case, that of David Sapiro, Pilot System and a founding member of the association "Silicon Sentier" in Paris. "I met at the University in Israel of the post graduates rather"academic"and"business", with which we will consider outsourcing our R & D custom." "Without us, these young people would not have had access to this type of job, because in Israel, would have asked them three years of experience," he said. Everyone is so his account.