But the phenomenon had in fact started long

June 5, 2012 4:52 AM

But the phenomenon had in fact started long

Nearly 300 million copies already sold worldwide, more than $ 2.6 billion of revenue for the first three films in the series... With such history, the magic of Harry Potter, the sorcerer's apprentice born in 1997 of the imagination of j. k. Rawlings is not about to stop. The incredible enthusiasm aroused in Britain and the United States the release of volume 6, "Harry Potter and the prince to the mixed blood", on the night of Friday to Saturday, also once again showed, with nearly 2 million passed copies, and 10 million sales are expected in the first 24 hours. At the risk of excite the jealousy of French readers who will have to wait the release of the French translation by Gallimard on October 1.

But the phenomenon had in fact started long. Before even its official release in English and American markets last Friday at midnight, the volume 6 had been sold worldwide to over 1.4 million copies with the pre-orders registered by the Amazon site. Before the weekend, the Barnes & Noble bookstore chain had already won more than 750,000 bookings, significantly more than the 5 volume.

Emblematic of the weight of Harry Potter as a product of appeal, the signs are engaged a merciless price war to attract future readers. For example Asda, the Wal-Mart American British supermarkets, and rival Tesco, first channel of distribution in Britain, each offer the book for 8.86 books, is a discount of 47 on the recommended price of 16,99 books.

Great ways

France, Fnac offers a discount of 38 on the English-language edition. According to Simon Davies, analyst at ABN AMRO in London, "this reduction of the selling price is no impact on profits" from the publishers of Harry Potter. "These are distributors who take their margin the discounts on books," he said. On the war footing, the publishers of Harry Potter pulled the major means for the event. Bloomsbury, who has the rights to Harry Potter for the countries of English outside the United States, has so far maintained secrecy on the number of volumes that will be put on sale, but dealers believe it between two and two and a half million copies. In the United States, the New York Group Scholastic announced a first draw record English, 10.8 million copies.

The two editors expect that once again the magic potion of Harry Potter operates on their accounts. According to the analyst of ABN AMRO, "Bloomsbury receive around 6.50 pounds by volume sold, with a gross margin of 56 ". According to forecasts, the House, founded by the American Nigel Newton, see revenues leap of 84 million pounds in 2004 to more than 100 million this year, with Harry Potter. The popular character would indeed provide 55 of its turnover with the release of volume 6, but the likely revival of sales of the 4 volume that must be worn at the cinema in November. Last March, the Publisher also announced that he expected for 2005 to profit before tax of 20 million pounds, against 16.4 million a year earlier. According to Goldman Sachs, "Harry Potter and the prince to the mixed blood" would provide 180 million of sales at Scholastic.

For Bloomsbury however, whole challenge today is to reduce its dependence on the "Pottermania". In 2004, without "Harry", its revenues have stagnated. J. k. Rowling, who through his character has become one of the richest women in Britain, warned that the saga would stop in the seventh book.