Victim’s Father Determined To Break Cycle Of Abuse In Brooklyn’s Hasidic, Orthodox Communities

March 28, 2012 12:00 AM

Victim’s Father Determined To Break Cycle Of Abuse In Brooklyn’s Hasidic, Orthodox Communities
" NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The issue of child sexual abuse cuts across all ethnic and religious lines.

But some say in the Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish communities of Brooklyn, the problem is compounded by religious taboos that make reporting abusers to police very rare.

They say it is a secret and that children continue to suffer.

Mordechai Jungreis said he was victimized twice — once when his son was sexually abused by a member of the community and again when he was shunned trying to get him help.

“I told my wife right away this child is getting molested,” Jungreis told CBS 2′s Chris Wragge. “The perpetrator always¬† got support from the community.”

In the insular, tight-knit world of Hasidic and Orthodox Jews, problems are taken care of internally. In all matters, including sex abuse, a rabbi is consulted.

Jungreis said he called many rabbis, but none helped, even though he said they knew about the alleged abuser.

“They knew how dangerous this guy is,” he said. “They never did anything to get him off the street.”

What made matters so difficult is that Jewish law forbids informing on another Jew "

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