‘Reckless’ And ‘Criminal’ Fire Destroys Ulster County Indian Reservation

April 9, 2012 12:00 AM

‘Reckless’ And ‘Criminal’ Fire Destroys Ulster County Indian Reservation
" ELLENVILLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Tinder dry conditions and high winds contributed to a fast-moving fire that gutted the heart of an old Catskills resort turned “Indian reservation” over the weekend, police said.

It seems a single careless act has left dozens of people homeless.

The fire that gutted 50 acres in and around the Old Tamarac Lodge Resort was still producing dangerous embers on Monday, the result, CBS 2’s Lou Young has learned, of an illegal open fire set over the weekend during our a dangerous drought.

“We don’t see anything in the way of tools to contain a fire, so it was done in a reckless manner. This was a criminal act,” said Frank Falutotico of the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office.

The flames were fast, furious and quite final, police said.

“I watched by neighbors’ homes go up and they have nothing. I watched them lose everything,” witness Zosia Roberts said.

It was the wind as much as the dry conditions that spread the fire from the far side of what used to be a 4-story building. It was a storm that spread sparks off into a tinder dry landscape, police told Young "

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