NYPD Watchdog Will Be Responsible For Prosecuting Future Misconduct Cases

March 27, 2012 12:00 AM

NYPD Watchdog Will Be Responsible For Prosecuting Future Misconduct Cases
" NEW YORK (AP) – Attorneys for New York’s police watchdog agency will now prosecute all misconduct cases that stem from complaints it receives and investigates, an unprecedented move that hands over some of the New York Police Department’s control on how it handles allegations of bad behavior.

The decision Tuesday follows a two-year pilot program where the Civilian Complaint Review Board’s independent attorneys prosecuted a small number of cases.

Previously, the agency investigated misconduct allegations, then handed recommendations to the NYPD on whether charges should be pursued. Police attorneys would broker a plea deal, pursue charges at a departmental trial, or take no action _ the department was not required to follow the agency’s recommendations.

Now, the agency will hear the misconduct claims, investigate, prosecute, or hand down lesser punishments.

Discipline usually comes in the form of loss of vacation or pay, and may also include re-training or probation. In more serious cases, like that of Det. Gescard Isnora, who was involved in the shooting death of Sean Bell on his wedding day in 2006, a department judge recommended Isnora be fired without pension after an internal trial. Isnora was acquitted of charges in his criminal trial "

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