Lin ‘Can’t Make It’ To Speak At Stuyvesant High School Graduation

March 29, 2012 12:00 AM

Lin ‘Can’t Make It’ To Speak At Stuyvesant High School Graduation
" NEW YORK (WFAN) – Call it a graduat-Lin?  Well not quite.

Students at lower Manhattan’s prestigious Stuyvesant High School really, really wanted Jeremy Lin to speak at their commencement.  They even uploaded a seven-minute video to YouTube in an attempt to reach the star.

Responding on Twitter, Lin tweeted that he wouldn’t be able to speak at their graduation, but did leave open the possibility of stopping by.

“Stuyvesant High! Awesome video…so honored to have been invited. I cant make it BUT im making a response video and will visit if possible!” the Knicks point guard tweeted earlier Thursday.

Even faculty got in on the push to get Lin, pleading for the Knicks point guard — and Harvard alum — to share his journey on June 25 at the Palace Theatre.

“One of my greatest duties is to figure out who the graduation speaker is,” senior-class president Eric Han says in the introduction. “So after taking a school-wide poll consisting of over 800 seniors, we decided you would be the best fit "

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