Spy Music Festival Infiltrates Union Pool on Friday

June 28, 2012 12:00 AM

Spy Music Festival Infiltrates Union Pool on Friday

" Northern Spy Records has been called an "ascendant New York Label" by the Village Voice, and it's not hard to see why.

Tom Abbs and Adam Downey have formed a resolutely independent, driven label with an eye towards avant-garde jazz and experimental rock. They've done it by hewing to an egalitarian roster: what Abbs calls "...this balancing act... a 50/50 plan -- which is 50 percent indie bands, stuff with lyrics, stuff accessible for radio play, and then 50 percent totally out and experimental stuff."

That balancing act will be on full display during Spy Music Festival, which starts Friday and runs through July 15, taking over some of Brooklyn's most beloved venues for evenings of out-there experimental rock and avant-garde jazz.

This monumental lineup of un-pop music kicks off Thursday night at Union Pool in Brooklyn.

Peter Stampfel, of folk-poppers Holy Modal Rounders opens the evening with his whimsical, banjo-anchored folk. Stampfel has quite the pedigree, having played in the Fugs and performed with legendary NYC guitar stalwart and Jeff Buckley collaborator Gary Lucas (as the Du-Tels) "

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Spy Music Festival with Rhys Chatham (Saturday) The composer Mr. Chatham dusts off his 1977 experimental-rock opus, “Guitar Trio,” revisiting the minimalist classic with assistance from nine guitarists, a bassist and a drummer. Never has one chord been ...

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Spy Music Festival

Spy Music Festival. The Brooklyn-based label Northern Spy presents its second annual showcase of experimental music. This year's program, which is spread out over sixteen days and seven venues in its home borough and Manhattan, is heavy with ...

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